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Income Tax Advice  

The UK taxation system is becoming more complex, with the onus being placed on individuals to provide HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) with accurate tax returns and figures for tax due. The HMRC has increased its investigative powers, and failure to provide accurate and timely information leads to penalties and interest charges that can be onerous.

However there remain many opportunities to reduce the burden of personal taxation by the use of innovative and tried-and-tested income tax mitigation strategies. It is not commonly known but the highest marginal rate of tax including National Insurance can be over 50%.  As every pound in tax saved is equivalent to income earned, this creates significant scope to increase your income.

The starting point for good taxation planning is the accurate preparation of your personal income tax return and an understanding of your personal requirements. Our team of qualified taxation specialists has, for many years, been providing a service tailored to individual needs in this area.

By working with you to understand your personal situation and needs, we can calculate your overall tax position and prepare your tax return, with the necessary claims, elections and submission to  HMRC.

Furthermore, we can monitor all your HMRC correspondence and calculations, relieving you of the burden and problems that can arise in these dealings.

We will deliver a personal solution designed specifically to ensure that your objectives are achieved. With this in mind we have allied ourselves with the major providers of tax efficient products in the fields of property to asset management.

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